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Make the World a Happier Place!

Happiness Mountain® introduces innovative techniques and tools to boost your happiness. These resources are designed to enrich your personal, professional, and spiritual realms, fostering holistic well-being.

You are unique. You are awesome. As a human being, you can cause life the way you like. Be the author of your beautiful life by climbing Happiness Mountain. You have one life. Wherever you are in your life, you are never too late. Be the best version of yourself. Happiness Mountain is your guide.

By climbing Happiness Mountain, you can overcome suffering and become happier, positive, joyful, peaceful, resilient, and find life fulfillment. As a result, you are making the world a happier place.

Talking About Happiness with Jack Canfield

Talking about success, Amal Indi with Jack Canfieldthe author of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series and most recently, The Success Principles.



Author & Founder

After spending over 20 years in the technology and corporate banking sectors, Amal created The Happiness Mountain™ methodology to help people reach their peak of happiness. The science behind the Happiness Mountain philosophy and methodology is energy and mind purification. Amal is on a mission to heal the world and allow everyone to enjoy true happiness.

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The Authorities - Life Energy

by Amal Indi (Author),  Les Brown (Author),  Raymond Aaron (Author),  Marci Shimoff (Author),  Dr Nido Qubein (Foreword)

This marks Amal's inaugural book, co-authored alongside three esteemed New York Times bestselling writers. The Authorities - Life Energy book is available on Amazon.


Children's Book

by Amal Indi (Author),  Ethan Indi (Author),  Csongor Veres (Illustrator)

Amal co-authored Climbing the Happiness Mountain children's book with his son, Ethan. 

Climbing the Happiness Mountain is a wonderful book that teaches children self-esteem, acceptance, patience, gratification, and courage. By focusing on positive thoughts children learn how to deal with negative emotions.

Ted and Mia go on an adventure climbing the Happiness Mountain. On the way, they meet anger bug that is really upset because it's camping gear has been stolen. Ted and Mia help the anger bug to clam down. Ted says to Anger bug what he does is repeat 3 times "I am calm and relaxed". This helps the anger bug to calm down. On the adventure, they meet low self-esteem bug, suspicion bug, judgmental bug, procrastination bug, obsession bug, and worry bug.

Happiness Mountain is beautifully illustrated with vivid colors that children can easily identify with and remember. Get your copy from Amazon!