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Learn to master your mind and embrace joy through our proven, easy-to-follow process.




6 Steps: How to Master Happiness.


Boost Your Positive Energy

These strategies will help you boost positive energy daily.


Learn to Overcome Stress & Worry

Learn your negative thoughts and steps to overcome stress and worry. Stop suffering!


Learn Happy Hormones

Learn how use four happy hormones to create joy in daily life experiences. You will never run out of joy!


Learn to Become Resilient

World is having challenges. Master your mind to become resilient and live with peace.


Find Your Greatness

You have your greatness. Become entitled for a greater life!


Life Fulfillment

Learn to live a fulfilled life with happiness, health and wealth doing what you love. Does not have to be perfect!

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Happiness Methodology

Living With Full Positive Energy

Suppose you buy an electric car. If you do not charge it daily, you cannot use it. If you charge it only a little bit, it may not have enough power and run out of energy in the middle of the day. If you fully charge the car, you can drive without running out of energy. Similarly, you need a daily full charge of positive energy to feel great from when you wake up till you go to bed. You are a unique and great human being. Without charging, you cannot get your full power.

Let us look at how you can charge yourself with energy. Human beings come with extraordinary traits. The way to charge yourself is to use the great human traits you were born with. I call the following traits Positive Power-Ups:

  1. Gratitude Power-Up
  2. Uplift Power-Up
  3. Love Power-Up
  4. Acceptance Power-Up
  5. Patience Power-Up
  6. Moderation Power-Up
  7. Mindfulness Power-Up
  8. Integrity Power-Up

There are many positive traits, but the eight above are carefully selected for happiness. You probably know these traits as words, but you may not use them with intention. Let’s take love as an example. What is love? Happiness Mountain has a precise meaning for it that will help you implement it in life: a package consisting of blessings, empathy, compassion, acts of kindness, and forgiveness. Say you become upset with your loved one. You can use the love package to radiate true love.

You require Power-Ups to overcome the negative energy that is generated by you and others. Having a set of well-understood Power-Ups is crucial to living a happy life. You will learn clear definitions for all the Power-Ups, with examples on how to apply them in the Happiness Experience One section of this book. You will learn how to make them your core values and establish a resilient mind.


Living without stress or worry

We love to create a comfortable life for ourselves and our loved ones. Let’s say you want to fill a bucket with water. (In life, you would fill it with things like happiness, health, and wealth.) If you have a leaky bucket, you can try to fill it but it will never be full. The first thing you must do is patch the holes.

In life, even if you know how to create positive energy, you cannot fully charge yourself if there are energy leaks. These holes are the harmful thoughts creating negative energy. Happiness Mountain defines eight negative thoughts that take away your happiness. For sustainable happiness, you must understand and overcome them. On Happiness Mountain, we call them Thought Bugs:

  1. Anger Thought Bug
  2. Worry Thought Bug
  3. Expectation Thought Bug
  4. Craving Thought Bug
  5. Judgment Thought Bug
  6. Fear Thought Bug
  7. Self-Limiting Thought Bug
  8. Do-it-Later Thought Bug

Awareness of these negative Thought Bugs and knowing how to eliminate them is crucial for your happiness. Once you climb level two, you will see a beautiful view of your life without the impact of negative thoughts. You will not let negative thoughts creep into your everyday actions. Imagine your life full of happiness when you take care of the above negative thoughts.

You are going to learn about each negative Thought Bug in the Happiness Experience Two section of this book.

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Living a joyful and balanced life

What do you do from the time you wake up until you go to bed? My patterns before climbing Happiness Mountain were taking care of family responsibilities and work responsibilities during weekdays. At nighttime, if I had time, I would watch movies on video-on-demand platforms. On the weekend, I would plan activities such as going out with friends.

Now I have changed that mindset to see life as a series of experiences. From the time I wake up till I go to bed, I see my life a collection of experiences, and I have learned to make every experience joyful. For example, if I make breakfast for my kids, I consider it an experience. I do it with love and serve breakfast at my best.

Think about going on a holiday and staying in a nice hotel. You go to breakfast, and the server serves you a nice meal. You feel good. At home, making a meal and serving it to the family is a great experience you can have daily. I change my mindset from “doing a task” to “performing an enjoyable experience.” How do you get the joy out of every experience that appears to be work or a series of tasks? Happy Hormones are the secret to making work or tasks enjoyable experiences. You can consciously trigger Happy Hormones in every experience.

In biological terms, there are only four Happy Hormones. I remember them as DOSE (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins). The key benefit they offer is making my experiences joyful. Each DOSE hormone has unique features:

  1. Dopamine: drive, motivation, and pleasure
  2. Oxytocin: bonding, trust, and love
  3. Serotonin: elevated mood and self-esteem
  4. Endorphins: healing and well-being

Don’t you want joy in everything you do? Most people think you have to do different activities to trigger Happy Hormones. Happiness Mountain methodology uses Happy Hormones like they are salt and pepper to make every experience enjoyable. With knowledge of Happy Hormones, you can gain conscious happiness instead of waiting for accidental happiness to occur.

Let’s look at an example to understand conscious happiness. You meet a friend, which makes you feel good after. You meet another friend and do not feel good; instead, you think negatively. With the first friend, you felt love, a bond, and trust, and the body triggered oxytocin so that you became happy. You did not have love, a bond, or trust with the other friend, so your body did not trigger oxytocin, and you did not feel joy. Awareness is your power. With it, you can do one of two things: you fix the love, bond, and trust with the second friend by making an authentic connection, or you can decide to not waste your time with them. I use Happy Hormones’ knowledge extensively to make every experience a happy one.

You are going to learn about DOSE in detail, and how to apply them in daily life in the Happiness Experience Three section of this book.


Living with inner happiness

In life, we get a lot of education. For example, I earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering. On top of that, I did many certifications related to my career. I did everything to create a promising career and live a happy life. Yet I did not learn enough about happiness. At the end of the day, the human mind is what makes us happy. When I realized that, I started studying the human mind and how it relates to our happiness. Then a question came to me: Who am I? Ask yourself that question. Who are you?

Four dimensions of a human

To gain inner happiness, you have to understand you. Happiness Mountain defines you as a creation consisting of four dimensions - Inner Self, Physical Self, Lower Self, and Higher Self.

People often drive their life from three dimensions: their Inner Self, Physical Self, and Lower Self. When you learn to guide your life from your Higher Self, it is easy to find inner peace. Happiness Mountain has the methodology to activate and connect to your Higher Self. The world is going through a lot of challenges, such as pandemics, wars, economic downturns, and division among people. Energy from these negative situations can impact your inner happiness unless you have a resilient mind. Your Higher Self will make your mind resilient. The sooner you activate your Higher Self, the sooner you can navigate the challenging world with inner peace.

You are going to learn how to activate your Higher Self in the Happiness Experience Four section of this book.


Find your greatness


The path to greatness is in giving back. Greatness entitles you to have:

  • Happiness
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Respect
  • Self-esteem
  • Life fulfillment
  • Abundance

Do you know that there are nine types of ways to give back? In Happiness Mountain, you are going to learn all nine give-backs to discover your greatness. Awareness is your power. Happiness Mountain gives you the awareness to empower you to discover your greatness. By giving back, you can create an inspiring life for yourself and others.

You are going to learn all nine give-backs in the Happiness Experience Five section of this book.


Life fulfillment

Welcome to the top of Happiness Mountain, where it’s about your life fulfillment. I wanted to live a fulfilled life, and I am sure you do too. Then I thought, What life fulfillment? I encountered the same problem of not knowing why, how, or what. Without a clear view of your life fulfillment, you could end up working hard and not being fulfilled.

Happiness Mountain has a Life Fulfillment Map™ to help you with that.

Life Fulfillment Map™

You will learn to take advantage of the law of vibration, the law of creation, and the law of attraction to attain fulfillment. It would be best if you focused on your fulfillment and do not try to be perfect or do what others want you to do. You are the author of your life. Happiness Mountain’s Life Fulfillment Map has ten domains, and each fulfills you in its own way.

"Happiness Mountain provides the simple and direct ways of uncomplicating happiness."

- Kausar Fahim

"Happiness is a practice. Happiness Mountain is a great tool."

- Mahesh K

"Happiness Mountain is a clever, simple yet brilliant guide you on your path to happiness."

- Tara Brockway

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