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Happiness Definition

What is Happiness?

Happiness is the most important experience that we as human beings seek throughout our entire lives. Yet, there is no clear definition of happiness in the world today.

How can we expect to be happy to the fullest if we do not know what happiness is? To better understand what people perceive as happiness, I asked, "What does happiness mean to you?" The following are a few answers from the survey:

  • “Peace of mind.”
  • “Joy, well-being, love, family, friendship.”
  • “Being able to spend time doing what I love, freedom, goals, learning and growing.”
  • “Lack of negative things, lack of worries in the moment, contentment.”
  • “Money.”
  • “Happiness is different for everyone. It is a feeling.”

Now, let’s look at the definition of happiness in the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

Based on my life experiences and what others say about happiness, including the dictionary definitions, I realized that I needed a practical definition for happiness that I could understand and follow.

Everyone has happy moments in life. Suppose you are awake sixteen hours a day after eight hours of sleep—how much time are you truly happy in these sixteen hours? 

  • If you are happy only 20 percent of your day, you will not feel truly happy in life.
  • If you are happy 50 percent of your day, you will feel like you have an OK life.
  • If you are happy 60 percent or above, you are living a happy life.
  • If you are happy 80 percent and above, you’re living a phenomenally happy life.

What if you could change the times that you are not happy to happy moments?

If you want to get better at something, you must study and become proficient in that subject. You do not know what you are missing if you do not learn. The same principle applies to happiness. If you want to be happier, study what happiness is. If happiness is important to you, master it.

Conscious vs. Accidental Happiness

By understanding happiness, you can consciously live a happier life. Without this knowledge, you might still find moments of happiness, but it's more like "accidental happiness." On the other hand, when you grasp the true meaning of happiness, you're practicing "conscious happiness." Here are its advantages:

  • When unhappiness strikes, you quickly know the way back to joy and minimize the time you live in unhappy suffering.
  • You can prevent going into unhappiness.
  • If you're already happy, you can amplify it and maintain that uplifting feeling consistently.
  • You can spread this happiness to loved ones, guiding them towards a happier life, like showing your children the way.
  • You can fully appreciate and maximize the happiness from what you already possess.
  • You can eliminate suffering within your own mind.
  • You can live a successful and contented life with the added energy and positivity from being happy.
  • You can get happiness under your control.
  • You can be the author of your happy life.

The Happiness Definition

Life is a journey of experiences, and happiness is the result of six specific experiences:

You can enjoy a mountain of happiness by consciously creating all six happiness experiences. The Happiness Mountain methodology  describes how you can acquire each happiness experience through self-awareness.

Validation of the Happiness Definition

At the beginning of this chapter, I noted no clear definition of happiness (until Happiness Mountain declared one). A friend of mine posed an insightful question. Could it be because the expectation of happiness varies from person to person? On the surface of it, expectations are different. On the other hand, all human beings experience happiness from these six experiences, whether they are aware of it or not:

  • Happiness Experience One: Living with full positive energy
  • Happiness Experience Two: Living without stress or worry
  • Happiness Experience Three: Living a joyful and balanced life using four Happy Hormones
  • Happiness Experience Four: Living with inner happiness by connecting to your Higher Self
  • Happiness Experience Five: Living your greatness through giving back
  • Happiness Experience Six: Life fulfillment with happiness, health, wealth, and doing what you love

The above six experiences cause your happiness, and various expectations and activities are pathways to these experiences. For instance, when you meet a friend and share a bond, love and trust, your body releases the 'oxytocin' happy hormone, creating a wonderful feeling, as highlighted in 'Happiness Experience Three.' While you and I may have different friends, the underlying factor driving happiness remains consistent - Joy from happy hormones.

Various teachings exist about life and happiness. Some emphasize joy, others focus on achieving goals, while some delve into spirituality or promote positivity. At 'Happiness Mountain', all these teachings converge. Once you ascend Happiness Mountain, you gain a comprehensive understanding. Engaging with other teachings thereafter will provide you with even clearer insights, enriched by your journey up the mountain.


Happiness Foundation:

Staying positive, eliminating worries and stress, and cultivating joy are the cornerstones of happiness. This is where I recommend everyone begin.

  • Happiness Experience One: True happiness arises when you maintain a positive outlook. The moment negativity creeps in, happiness slips away.
  • Happiness Experience Two: Even with abundant material possessions and favorable circumstances, happiness eludes you if you are burdened with worries or stress.
  • Happiness Experience Three: Experiencing joy is fundamental to happiness. Sometimes, people think joy is the happiness. It is a crucial part of happiness, and there are five more experiences to the completeness of happiness.


Let's delve into the advanced aspects of happiness.

  • Happiness Experience Four: Inner happiness and peace of mind are paramount for your happiness. Without Inner Happiness, your happiness remains superficial. For genuine, inside-out happiness, inner contentment and peace are vital.
  • Happiness Experience Five: A purpose-driven life elevates your happiness. Without recognizing greatness in you, life may seem empty, preventing your happiness from reaching its peak.


To experience the pinnacle of happiness, consider the following together with foundation and advanced elements.

Happiness Experience Six: To attain peak happiness, one must find fulfillment in various life dimensions—health, wealth, relationships, and more. Without such fulfillment, there might always be a lingering feeling of something missing, hindering your journey to the peak of happiness. On the other hand, when you are on the top of the mountain, you can enjoy good fortune and prosperity with all the energy that you accumulated by being truly happy.

How to Experience a Mountain of Happiness

Every experience is fundamental in your quest for happiness. In the next chapter, "Happiness Methodology," you'll be introduced to how to unlock each of these experiences. My ambition is to present knowledge in a way that, no matter your current situation, you'll find the path to a truly happy life. With "Happiness Mountain," I simplify the journey to ultimate happiness. The essence is awareness, and this book is your guide, equipping you with the clarity, tools, and techniques to effortlessly climb the Happiness Mountain.

Not knowing happiness, I spent my years of life with unhappiness. Now, I live a phenomenally happy life on the top of Happiness Mountain. And many people who climbed it do the same. People who read the book claim it is a well-structured methodology to gain true happiness.

I keep practicing the Happy Mountain and reading all the chapters. I can’t believe I was ever happy as now. My mind is more relaxed, and I see things clearly. I keep finding happiness in each simple experience. Also, some days are challenging, but I now know how to overcome them and find joy and happiness. I am grateful to Happiness Mountain for showing me the true happiness. -Aruni Udayanthi, federal public servant

Happiness Mountain is a clever, simple yet brilliant book to guide you on your path to happiness. With love flowing through on every page, this book has clearly been written with heart, integrity and compassion, you won't be able to stop reading. I highly recommend this book to everyone who is looking for happiness and fulfillment! -Tara Brockway, Administrative Assistant

I believe everyone, irrespective of their religion or belief, can try this book's techniques for achieving ultimate happiness. -Sudarshan Maithre, Accounting professional

It’s absolutely possible to have more joy and happiness in your life.  Happiness Mountain book has really laid out a practical method to do this in a very thoughtful, easy to follow way. - Jack Canfield, New York Times Bestselling Author of the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul' Series & 'The Success Principles'

Application to Daily Life

Here's a simple daily affirmation based on the definition of happiness:

  • I make every experience a happy experience
  • I live with full positive energy
  • I live without stress and worries
  • I live a joyful and balanced life
  • I live with inner happiness
  • I release my greatness
  • I enjoy a fulfilled life with happiness, health, wealth, and doing what you love

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