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We believe technology can help to purify your mind, amplify your energy, and set the direction for a  successful life. Discover the Happiness Mountain philosophy, tools, and techniques to start your journey. Most importantly, train your mind to be happy today irrespective of the current circumstances.

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Happiness Mountain

What is Happiness?

Happiness is different for everyone. Human happiness can be described with the four types of happiness. Depending on what you choose to practice, your happiness could vary. All of us have the same choices. It is an amazing experience to enjoy all four types of happiness.

Temporary Happiness

Understand happy hormones and your desires. Create happy hormones mindfully and enjoy life.

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Inner Happiness

Overcome worries, stress, failures, and conflicts. Live the rest of the life with inner peace.

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Spiritual Happiness

Gain the ability to maintain happiness and withstand difficult conditions. Having a balanced life is amazing!

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Phenomenal Happiness

Once we organize our minds, we can create the life we love. Happiness, health, wealth, and fulfillment!

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How to Practice

Imagine finding direction without an app like google maps?. Apps help our life. Use Happiness Mountain App to keep your mind clean. A clean mind without negative energy is the foundation of happiness. Happiness Mountain app enables quick access to increase daily happiness. By using the app daily you can maintain a clean mind. Download and check it out.

Amazing Companion to Gain Inner Happiness

The primary reason for stress, worries and conflicts is negative energy. There are eight negative energies, which we call Negative Thought Bugs®. The first step to achieving Inner Happiness is being aware of these eight Negative Thought Bugs® .

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Wonderful Way to Increase Your Balance with Spiritual Happiness

We all are born with eight positive human features. Sometimes, they degrade and we lose our wonderful human nature. Find out how to improve positive human features in yourself!

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Become a Remarkable Human Being by Gaining Phenomenal Happiness

Everyone needs a phenomenal life, which will lead you to a balanced mind, body, work, and spirit. Find out how to improve Phenomenal Happiness!

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Boost Temporary Happiness with Happy Hormones

We desire love, rewards, achievements, pleasure, and having a good mood. These desires give you Temporary Happiness when they trigger happy hormones.  By understanding happy hormones, you can increase your daily happiness.

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