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Happiness Mountain is the true definition of happiness helping you to get from accidental happiness to lifelong happiness

Happiness Mountain

What is Happiness?

Human happiness can be described with the four types of happiness. Depending on what you choose to practice, your happiness could vary. All of us have the same choices to live a phenomenally happy life. Is your happiness accidental or would you like to create happiness consciously?

Temporary Happiness

Understand desire-based fun and entertainment with Happy Hormones

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Inner Happiness

Lean-to manage negative energy to maintain inner peace

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Spiritual Happiness

Uplifting resiliency through better clarity of mind and life

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Phenomenal Happiness

Access your power to create and make a difference in your life and others

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Happiness Book

Happiness Mountain Book takes you through the complete Happiness Mountain philosophy. You do not have to live in accidental happiness after reading the Happiness Mountain book.


How to Practice

Imagine finding direction without an app like google maps?. Apps help our life. Use Happiness Mountain App to keep your mind clean. A clean mind without negative energy is the foundation of happiness. Happiness Mountain app enables quick access to increase daily happiness. By using the app daily you can maintain a clean mind. Download and check it out.


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