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Daily Happiness Journey 

Craft a day filled with happiness, moment by moment.

  • Happiness Schedule & Motivation
  • Meditation & Gratitude
  • Affirmations & Manifestations
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Life Happiness Journey

Step-by-step guidance through Happiness Mountain's core teachings.

  • Positivity & Stress Management
  • Find Purpose & Greatness
  • Joy & Fulfillment Mastery
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Happiness Certifications 

Master happiness skills, one level at a time.

  • Daily Learning & Application
  • Challenge with Quizzes
  • ProgressUp Happiness Mountain
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What customers are saying...

“The science behind happiness was something I learned for the very first time and how to control the negative thought bugs with self awareness was an amazing awakening to myself.”

Sanaya Ranasinghe

“"What if you could change the times that you are not happy to happy moments?" and Happiness Mountain helps folks find the way”

Jake Kearns

"Happiness Mountain is the place that gave me a good understanding of what needs to be done to be happy. It clearly explains the steps you need to follow to achieve happiness.”

Chandi Fernando

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Spend just 10 minutes a day listening to a chapter, and you'll finish the book in 36 days. It's a simple yet powerful way to fill your mind with happiness tips and start transforming your life towards greater joy.

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Chapter 5: Gratitude Power-Up

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