Uncover the Secrets to Lasting Happiness

Explore strategies to enhance your inner well-being and live confidently with the guidance of the Happiness Mountain book.


The Happiness Guide 

Dive deep into the practices that shape a joyous life.

  • Happiness - Why, how and what
  • Insights & Wisdom
  • Techniques for Transformation
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A Blueprint for Happiness

Embark on a journey to lasting joy with expert guidance.

  • Authored by Solutions Architect, Amal Indi
  • Featuring Jack Canfield’s Heartfelt Endorsement
  • Our Vision: A World Where Everyone Achieves Happiness
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Amazon Bestseller 

Recognized excellence in guiding towards happiness.

  • Award-Winning Recognition
  • Acclaimed by Readers Worldwide
  • Proven Path to Happiness
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What readers are saying...

The book gave me a totally different perspective to life and how to live happily. The science behind happiness was something I learned for the very first time and how to control the negative thought bugs with self awareness was an amazing awakening to myself. Easy read and full of positive life changing content.

Sanjaya Ranasinghe

The book provides the simple and direct ways of uncomplicating happiness. It is a must read for everyone who wish to be happy in life! Just read it to
be happy in life :)

Kausar Fahim

"This book has really given me tangible tools to help me practice a more positive outlook in my life at a time when I really needed it. It can be quite easy to fall into Toxic Positivity but Amal very much provides an empathy for the stresses and suffering we all carry and at the same time provides simple practices encourage healthy living :)”

Keli White

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