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Happiness Mountain™ is a technologically-inspired wellness company that brings you innovative techniques and tools to boost your happiness and power up your personal, business, and spiritual life. Amal Indi is the founder and CEO of Happiness Mountain™. Amal is on a mission to help people live up to their full potential within their personal, business, and spiritual domains.

After spending over 20 years in the technology and corporate banking sectors, Amal believes that technology has the potential to transform the minds and energy of people to facilitate change. Amal used these techniques and tools to start leading his own unique life. Now he wants to share this knowledge with people around the world to live positive and enriching lives.

Amal created The Happiness Mountain™ methodology to help people reach their peak of happiness. The science behind the Happiness Mountain system is energy and mind purification. Amal is on a mission to heal the world and allow everyone to enjoy true happiness.


Amal Indi

Founder & CEO
Happiness Mountain, Inc.

The Authorities - Life Energy

Amal Indi is the author of The Authorities book in life energy co-authored with Les Brown, Marci Shimoff, and Raymond Aaron.

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