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The Fundamentals of Happiness by Design

Aug 29, 2023
Create the life and fly

Life is full of experiences that expose us to joyous and challenging moments. Our pursuit of Happiness often seems complicated between our expectations and reality. Happiness comes up in simple encounters, while other times, even well-planned plans may fall short of our hopes. When these instances occur, we often live a "tolerable" life when we're fully capable of shaping an extraordinary one.

In our search for Happiness, we drive the environment of human emotions. For example, imagine reuniting with an old friend, an event that should exude Happiness. Yet, if the interaction doesn't meet our expectations, the excitement might turn into disappointment and, at times, anger. Similarly, family trips, which are expected to be joyful bonding experiences, can be stained by individual desires and emotions. One person's displeasure can cast a shadow over the positive energy, which may make us wonder why creating a joyous life is such a challenge.


 Accidental & Conscious Happiness

 "Accidental Happiness" and "Conscious Happiness" are good examples that can be used to shed some light on this predicament. Accidental Happiness is when we hope for Happiness without a clear understanding of Happiness. Conscious Happiness involves effort and consciously shaping our experiences with the understanding of happiness. You become the author of your life experiences. Humans are the only beings with this great power to create their desired happiness.

For example, take a dog. The dog has to follow the owner. Humans can change everything as they wish, provided they have developed their minds to the higher state and are not bound by self-limiting beliefs and fear. You do not have to live the same way you lived the last five years. You could start over in a new direction for the next five years. This is your power to create. You and your self-limiting beliefs are the only thing that prevents you from designing a new life. Once you understand and overcome them, you are no longer bound by your mind.


So, how do we drive the journey towards Conscious Happiness?

Understanding Happiness is the key that leads us to feel conscious Happiness. Many of us lack a precise definition, so the Happiness Mountain illuminates the concept. This blog is not to define Happiness but to highlight its significance, which cannot be overstated. With a clear definition, we can begin to cultivate Happiness in our daily lives, regardless of whether it's an ordinary workday or a fantastic vacation.

Referring back to the scenario of reuniting with a friend. The Happiness we feel is a release of the hormone called Oxytocin, otherwise known as the "happy hormone." The trigger to release the Oxytocin hormone is that one must conquer feelings of love, trust, and connection. If our friend's words hurt our feelings, we risk losing our happiness trigger, Oxytocin. However, if you choose to forgive and maintain a positive outlook, this would contribute to preserving the Happiness that was initially felt. Another method would be to harvest positive energy towards our friends, which would, in turn, help us safeguard our energy and joy.

Do you know that we have only four happy hormones to master? If you read the Happiness Mountain book, you will not only understand them, but you also get the ability to reverse engineer them and make your life experiences joyful to the next level.

Those who pursue or look for Happiness and those who are enlightened by the teachings of Happiness Mountain are finding the power to create their happiness from inside out. They steer life's twists and turns with grace, ever anchored in their Happiness.


Our existence is Happiness; navigate it well.

Our existence alone holds value as it is human to strive to be the best version of ourselves. To create a life that is rich with fulfillment. Happiness Mountain navigates you to become the author of your Happiness. In turn, we transcend suffering, anger, and judgment, crafting a fulfilled life.

So, let us set the path to self-discovery, where we become the anchor of our Happiness. Let's embrace the experiences and make each one a joyous one. The Happiness Mountain Book stands as a guiding light that encourages you to pursue Happiness and not think of it as a mere hope—it's a deliberate desire that promises to transform your life into a masterpiece of joy and fulfillment. 

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