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How to Use Love in Happiness

Aug 13, 2023

How can you bring love into your everyday life? I used to only think about what was right or made sense, and I ignored how people felt. This hurt my relationships with my partner, kids, coworkers, friends, and everyone else.

That is, before climbing Happiness Mountain, I did not understand "love".

By using what I call 'Love Power-Up,' I now enjoy amazing relationships and peace of mind. Why call it a 'Power-Up'? Because Love is one of eight special boosts on my journey up 'Happiness Mountain,' helping me find true joy.



Love has many meanings. It is desire-based love if you are strongly attracted to and love that person. What we are discussing is the love of God when you unconditionally love everyone with humanity. As human beings, we need both desire-based love and love of God among fellow human beings. Nature created us with the need for love. Humanity is based on love, both desire-based and unconditional. Let’s embrace the gift of love. But why do we get angry? We came empty to this world and will depart it the same way. In between, people have many problems and forget their love for each other.

Happiness Mountain defines love as a collective feeling arising from five traits and called Love Package:

Love Package = blessings, empathy, compassion, kindness, and forgiveness. 

  1. Blessings: Counting your blessings or wishing well for others, this form of love amplifies gratitude and contentment.

  2. Empathy: Stepping into someone else's shoes and feeling their emotions enriches our emotional landscape.

  3. Compassion: Being sensitive to the suffering of others and wishing to alleviate it speaks volumes about the power of love.

  4. Kindness: Simple acts of kindness can be profoundly uplifting for both the giver and the receiver.

  5. Forgiveness: Holding onto grudges is heavy; forgiving not only releases the other person but also liberates you.

When you put them together, true love radiates from you.



What is essential during interactions with others is how you make them feel. If you make them feel good, you have radiated love. For example, I shouted at my kids when they had not done their homework. That makes them feel bad. After climbing Happiness Mountain, I am always conscious about how I make them feel. I apply the same principle to everyone. It could be my friends, former partner, work colleagues, or anyone else. When you use a love package, you can quickly radiate love and make others feel good, and, in turn, you feel good about yourself.

"How you make others feel goes to their subconscious mind and stays forever. Always make others feel good using the love package." 



I used to raise my voice to my children as a responsible dad when they spent too much time playing games. I used to justify it by saying I was being responsible. Usually, a person who puts on a responsibility hat without awareness loses kindness. If you cannot show love and kindness, it negatively impacts you and others immensely. People use responsibility as an excuse to exercise power because they lack the skills to guide and influence others. As a parent, now I spend time guiding my children in their lives rather than shouting at them.

Similar things can happen in marriage or at work. One person might think their perspective is right and argue. Arguments will lead to anger and a loss of kindness. Have integrity in your relationship to maintain love and kindness, no matter what.



1. How do you make your partner feel, in your daily engagements. 

2. How do you make your children feel, in your daily engagements. 

3. How do you make your work colleagues feel, in your daily engagements. 

4. How do you make your parents and siblings feel, in your engagements.

5. How do you make your friends feel, in your engagements.

Focus on how you can make them feel good with your words and actions. Make them happier, and you become happier.

To learn more download the "Love" Positive Power-Up Chapter from the Happiness Mountain book now!

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