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Root Causes of Worry and Stress

Aug 12, 2023
Overcoming Worry and Stress in Everyday Life



The first step toward overcoming worry and stress is to defeat negative thoughts. Negative thoughts steal most of your happiness and success, but you may not identify them. Your barrier to stopping negative energy is your lack of understanding of negative thoughts.


Negative Thought Bugs®

In computer programming, a software bug is a piece of code that does not work as intended. Similarly, there are human thought patterns that we all have that do not give us the intended result of happiness. I call them Negative-Thought Bugs. Thoughts shape your life. Most people know that anger creates negative energy. There are many other negative thoughts in addition to anger. If you want to get over your negative energy, the first thing to do is identifying different Thought Bugs. I will put them into three types based on how they impact your happiness.


Hard Happiness-Killers


Anger Thought Bug

  • Anger Thought Bug
  • Worry Thought Bug

Anger and Worry Thought Bugs kill your happiness quickly, and you can identify them easily. The most common problem is that people look at hard killers and try to address them without knowing their root cause. Usually, anger and worry are a result of another Thought Bug.


Silent Happiness-Killers

Craving Thought Bug

  • Craving Thought Bug
  • Expectation Thought Bug

Craving and Expectation Thought Bugs are very subtle. The Expectation Thought Bug is where you put expectations on others. In my marriage, I used to put expectations on my wife. They became the culprit of our unhappiness. Parents push expectations on their children. When things do not work out as expected, problems begin, and we begin hurting each other. There are better ways to do this than putting expectations on others.

Cravings are not only about food. Cravings are strong desires that you act on for happiness. They appear to offer joy but bring failures if not managed with awareness. Cravings can become blind spots because you are getting happiness out of them. For example, people cheat for happiness, which can end in a terrible divorce, or you may live with your wife under the same roof with unhappiness towards each other. Because of Thought Bugs, people lose the great life they once had.


Soft Happiness-Killers

Judgmental Thought Bug

  • Judgmental Thought Bug
  • Fear Thought Bug
  • Self-limiting Thought Bug
  • Do-It-Later Thought Bug

Soft-killer Thought Bugs are those that kill your happiness softly. You may know what they are, but you do not sufficiently notice them as problems that create unhappiness and failures. They remove the power from your day-to-day life. They can drain most of your energy.


Spot them to Stop Them

Collectively, these Thought Bugs can kill your happiness with each new day and create worry and stress. Once you understand them, you can stop them impacting your happiness. As human beings engaging in life activities, it is normal the get the Thought Bugs. The important thing is stopping them immediately, so they don’t impact your happiness and others’.

Each time when you lose your happiness due to worry or stress, think about which is the root cause Thought Bug. If you know the root cause, you can eliminate your worry or stress faster and your suffering time will be reduced significantly.

You can find techniques to defeat each negative Thought Bug in the Happiness Mountain Book.

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