Finding Happiness After Divorce

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TranscriptHappiness and Personal Growth

Jack: You separated from your wife and I think you wrote in a book that your wife's now your best friend and talk about that.

Amal: Yes. If I talk about my life right now, my ex-wife is now my best friend and we are raising our two teenage sons very happily.

And I take care of my mind and body really good I feel happy inside out. I'm turning 50 years this year and I got 30 years body and mind and I'm very happy about it.

Not only that, I help others to find their happiness, my family, my friends, my work colleagues. One of them is my brother, his wife actually thanking me for the transformation he had and they have two beautiful daughters and I'm so happy they're living really happy life.

All the stories everyone shared about their life from Happiness Mountain is really inspiring, Actually, that helped me to get motivated and helped me to do this work going forward.

Basically with Happiness Mountain, What I did was I became happy at home, happy at work, and happy with myself and I love myself and I'm happy inside out.

Jack: Well, you look happy all the time. Thank you. Ever since I've met you, you're smiling all the time, which is good.

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