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Happiness Defined

  • Happiness is living with positive energy.
  • Happiness is the absence of stress and worries.
  • Happiness is experiencing joy. (family, friends, achievements, love, intimacy, receiving money, food, party... etc)
  • Happiness is finding inner peace.
  • Happiness is feeling greatness within.
  • Happiness is leading a fulfilled life. 

Living happier can be straightforward. Sometimes, you might lack the skills to stay positive, not know how to overcome stress and worry, lose joy and life balance, inner peace, greatness, and fulfillment. Thus, acquiring the necessary skills to live a happier life is a valuable investment. Happiness Mountain provides a comprehensive framework to achieve just that.

Happiness is Living with Full Positive Energy, Living without Stress and Worry, Living a Joyful and Balanced Life, Living with Inner Happiness, Finding Your Greatness and Life Fulfillment

Why is it called a mountain? It symbolizes the structured path to achieving complete happiness. Consider this: without mastering positivity and eliminating negativity, attaining life's fullest enjoyment is impossible. Fulfillment and inner peace remain elusive. Happiness Mountain, therefore, is a methodical approach designed to broaden your awareness, depicted as a mountain climb. The higher you ascend, the more expansive your life's view becomes, much like the rewarding experience of a scenic hike. Reaching the peak brings happiness and health, and similarly, climbing Happiness Mountain empowers you to live a life that is not only joyful and healthy but also prosperous.


Happiness Definition

Learn the complete definition of happiness, including the why and what, for a deeper understanding.


Happiness Philosophy

Explore the core principles of Happiness Philosophy to grasp how it shapes happier life.


Happiness Methodology

Dive into Happiness Methodology for step-by-step strategies to embrace and sustain happiness.


Mastering Happiness with App + Audio Book

The best investment you can make is in yourself, and it will pay off for the rest of your life. Happiness Mountain is committed to sharing the required knowledge and tools. Discover learning options for self-discovery and to become the happiest and most successful version of yourself.

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TranscriptKey Experiences That Drive Human Happiness

Jack: In your book you mentioned you have a definition and a philosophy and so forth. What is your definition of happiness? How would you define it?

Amal: Our life is a collection of experiences. From the time we wake up till we go to bed, we have a series of experiences. I used to look at happiness as something on the weekend or Friday night. If you combine all your daily experiences with the happiness intention of making every experience a happy experience, then you live a truly happy life because you can make every experience a happy experience. You do not have to wait for separate happy events in life. You live happily from one experience to another experience from morning till night all seven days of the week.

To make the experiences happy, you have to understand what makes any human being happy. Fundamentals of human happiness!

Our Happiness is a result of six specific experiences.

Number one is living with full positive energy.

Jack: Full positive energy!

Amal: Yes. You need positive energy to be happy. How do you do that? Let's say you have an electric car; you have to charge it. Likewise, we have to charge ourselves with positive energy. There are so many things in the world to have positive energy, and I narrowed down eight positive power-ups, which will give you stability energy amplification, and energy protection, to name a few of them. Gratitude, mindfulness, integrity, acceptance, and four. Others. These eight will give you positive energy. And positive energy itself will not make you happy. If you get negative energy and if you don't know how to handle negative energy, you will still go to unhappiness, worry, and stress. Say you buy a brand new computer with high-end processors and good RAM, but if you don't install a virus scanner, no matter how good the computer is, it malfunctions once the virus is infected. That happened to me. I had a lot of negative Thoughts. I call negative thoughts- Negative Thought Bugs. And there are eight of them that impact our happiness the most,

Jack: Negative thought bugs like insects. Okay, keep going. Yes.

Amal: For example, anger, thought, bug, worry, thought bug. Everybody knows those anger and worry, but they are a result of some other negative thought bugs like expectation, thought bug, judgmental thought bug. So these thought bugs take away your happiness, but once you understand when you spot them, you can stop them. Then, the third experience is living with joy and balance. You took care of the positive, took care of the negative. Now, you want joy and balance in life, and joy and balance come from full, happy hormones, dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphin. I call them DOSE.

Jack: DOSE, dose!.

Amal: Yes. Once you get your daily dose, you feel great. And the fourth one is living with your inner happiness. Inner happiness is so fundamental for everyone. In order to have inner happiness, you have to connect to your higher self. And the fifth experience is finding your greatness. The way to do it is to give back. And the top of the happiness mountain is life fulfillment.

Jack: Life Fulfillment!

Amal: If you live with all these six happiness experiences, you have a mountain of happiness. And that's why it's called Happiness Mountain.

Jack: That's great. That's great. In the book, you have specific techniques and methodologies for achieving all of these things.

Amal: Yes.

Jack: Wonderful.

Amal: You have to know what and also the how, and that's what I did. But I covered both the what and the how, and I live by that. So that's why everything in the written, in the book, is very practical and simple. Good.

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