Four Types of Happiness

Discover the four distinct types of happiness you encounter on your journey up Happiness Mountain. Each quadrant reveals unique energies that, when understood, empower you to consciously design a life rich in diverse experiences of joy. Learn how to recognize and embrace these energies, becoming the architect of your own fulfilled life.

Temporary Happiness

Temporary Happiness is all about joy arising from four Happy Hormones. Hormones are momentary and your Temporary Happiness as well.


Spiritual Happiness

When you are in Spiritual Happiness, you are more connected to your Higher Self and less attached to the material things. You can gain resilience with this energy.


Inner Happiness

When you have Inner Happiness, you are positive, worry, and stress-free and find peace in life. You can gain peace with this energy.


Phenomenal Happiness

Phenomenal Happiness is about life fulfillment and success. You can create the life you love: happiness, fulfillment, and success.


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