Inner Happiness

The primary reason for stress, worries, and unhappiness within oneself is negative energy. Self-awareness is the key to sustainable inner happiness.


Inner Happiness

The key to inner happiness is the ability to identify and overcome negative energy. For example, when you are angry with someone or suspicious in your continuity of work, you are dealing with negative energy. In Happiness Mountain, we will bring your awareness to the eight negative energies so that you will not experience blind spots. The below list shows the eight negative energies for which with go into detail, along with algorithms to overcome them. Some of these negative energies are caused by Temporary Happiness when you not engaging moderately in them. If you are unaware of this secret, your desire for happiness leads you to suffer.

  • Anger
  • Fear (caused by suspicion)
  • Procrastination
  • Being judgmental towards others or being judged
  • Low self-esteem
  • Expectations from others
  • Strong desires
  • Worrying about past or future

All of your worries and issues are related to these eight negative energies. Living life without awareness of them is like living in the darkness. When you are worried, open the Happiness Mountain App and examine what negative energy is causing your worry or conflict. Follow the steps in the App to cleanse the negativity, then boost your positive energy using the work-life balance activities. By following these steps, you will see that your attachment to worry is fading away and happiness is rising back. Now you possess the positive energy to deal with the challenge at hand.

Overcome Worries

Worries have the same pattern in your mind. Identify and clear them.

Establish Peace

Challenges are normal in life. Follow the steps in the app to face them positively.

How To

Much like how the Google Maps app helps with directions, you can use the Happiness Mountain app's step-by-step directions to overcome worries, stress, and negativity.

Key benefits

These negative thoughts, which we call Negative Thought Bugs are all in the mind harming your happiness today. The good news is that the Happiness Mountain App will help you to reach self-awareness and overcome these negative thoughts whenever they come to mind. This requires special skills, which you will learn to utilize through the App. You learn both the “what” and the “how” to overcome life’s everyday challenges.