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Jack Canfield Interviews Amal Indi

In this exclusive interview, Amal Indi, joined by the legendary Jack Canfield, embarks on a profound exploration of happiness. Discover the transformative insights and personal revelations that illuminate the path to mastering happiness. Below, you'll find the pivotal questions posed by Jack, each leading to a dedicated page where Amal's insightful answers await, ready to unlock new doors to your happiness journey...


Jack Canfield & Amal Indi


Jack Canfield, the esteemed American author and co-creator of the 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' series, has inspired millions with his motivational speaking and corporate training. His books have reached global audiences, selling over 500 million copies.

Amal Indi, a seasoned technology professional, simultaneously excels as an author, articulating a unique happiness philosophy. His book, 'Happiness Mountain,' is a beacon for those seeking practical steps towards well-being, joy, and a fulfilling life, offering guidance drawn from years of meticulous research and personal exploration in the pursuit of happiness.

This interview was featured on Jack Canfield's Success TV

Every question opens a new door to mastery...


Jack: Let’s start out with discussing your WHY behind writing your book, Happiness Mountain.  What led you to pursuing this topic and writing the book?


Jack: In your book, you mentioned you have a definition, philosophy, and so forth.. what is your definition of happiness? How do you define it?


Jack: You separated from your wife. You mentioned that now she is your best friend. Can you talk about that?


We all must take 100% responsibility for our lives, and finding ways to achieve happiness is part of this.  Can you talk to that point for a moment?

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Happiness Mountain Is For You If...

  • You are looking to be happier
  • You want to live a fulfilled life
  • You want to get over from suffering from life challenges
  • You want to find peace of mind
  • You are ready to invest time to learn happiness

I'm Amal Indi

I studied many things in life and only knew what happiness was once I discovered Happiness Mountain. I suffered a lot without knowing true happiness, even from little things.
After climbing Happiness Mountain, I became happier, younger, and more fulfilled. And the investment is for my entire life.
It took me six years to fully discover true happiness. Now, it is available for you, and you do not have to go through finding it.

"A real positive life changer!. Happiness Mountain gave me a totally different perspective to life and how to live happily. "

-Sanjaya Ranasinghe

"Especially Important for this Day and Age. Thanks Amal for this real and practical guidance and advice."

- Callie Westlake

"Practical Advice for a Happier Life. I highly recommend for anyone looking to improve their life and their happiness!"

- Brittany Miller

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