Phenomenal Happiness

Enjoy the Phenomenal Happiness by accessing the full potential of the human mind and energy, while using that power to create a positive impact in the world.


In Phenomenal Happiness, you will learn:

The three main elements of your human life are mind, body and energy. When you align all three of these elements in one direction, you tap into your full human potential with the ‘Power to Create.’ Aligning the mind, body, and energy brings about the high vibration or the high power (aka energy). You can unlock this power only after you achieve a high awareness of Temporary Happiness, Inner Happiness and Spiritual Happiness.

Power to Create

Organize thoughts, emotions, and actions in one direction.

Positive Impact

With your power, impact the world positively and live the life you love.

How To

Much like how the Google Maps app helps with directions, you can use the Happiness Mountain app's step-by-step directions to unlock the power to create.

Happiness Methodology

Key benefits 

Phenomenal Happiness unlocks your power to create. This power can produce your happiness and bring clarity to establishing your purpose in this life. As the saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility.” You can use this power to make a positive impact in the world. By releasing your power to make a difference, you can live a happy, healthy, wealthy, and beautiful life. Create the power within and enjoy Phenomenal Happiness without expectations for rewards. Any rewards you receive are the results of your positive impact on the world.

 Types of Happiness

You learned the Phenomenal Happiness. There are three more types of happiness.

Temporary Happiness

Unlocking Joy with Happy Hormones 


Spiritual Happiness

Cultivating Resilience & Inner Peace 


Inner Happiness

Overcoming Negativity for Lasting Joy 


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