Temporary Happiness

Unlocking Joy with Happy Hormones

Discover how the four fundamental desires within us spark the release of 'happy hormones,' pivotal in sculpting our moments of joy. By cultivating an awareness of these hormones and desires, you open the door to creatively enhancing your daily happiness. These hormones—dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins—play a crucial role in experiencing joy in the moment, laying the foundation for a fulfilling life characterized by Temporary Happiness.


In Temporary Happiness you will learn:

Temporary Happiness is a level of happiness that you can achieve without investing time to understand your mind. This is brought on by good things happening to you or things you bring into your life, such as special events, dinners out with friends, birthday parties, dancing at a nightclub, going on a date, or taking that well-deserved vacation from work. Feelings of happiness will likely result from these experiences.

In Temporary Happiness, I would like to bring your awareness to the four types of desire we are driven by:

  • Desire for reward (achievements)
  • Desire for pleasure
  • Desire to feel good
  • Desire for love, bond, and trust

Consider for a moment and see how your Temporary Happiness activities relate to the above four desires. Temporary Happiness triggers your happy hormones in the body. We will discuss in detail how desires relate to happy hormones and how we can trigger them with the knowledge to increase happiness.


Four types of desires.

Happy Hormones

Four types of happy hormones.

How To

Much like how the Google Maps app helps with directions, you can use the Happiness Mountain app's step-by-step directions to overcome worries, stress, and negativity.

Happiness Methodology

Key benefits of understanding Temporary Happiness

Our happiness is a function of our mind and body. Hormones play a significant role in how we feel from day to day. There are hormones that promote peace and overall happiness and the hormone Cortisol, which can dominate our systems to make us feel stressed and depressed. When you have an understanding of your desires and happy hormones, you can have a balanced and happy life.

For example, you go out with friends and have a good time. That is your desire for bonding. At the same time, if one of your friends says something that you do not like, you could get upset. Do you know what is happening there? This desire-based happiness comes with a trap. If you are not conscious, these traps can backfire and take your happiness away. Another example is when you are looking for love and casually hook up with someone. Again, if you do not add the Spiritual Happiness to Temporary Happiness, you could end up with a breakup and unhappiness. You will gain a deep understanding of Temporary Happiness in the book to help you avoid unconsciously getting into traps, resulting in an increase to your happiness with awareness.

 Types of Happiness

You learned the Temporary Happiness. There are three more types of happiness.

Spiritual Happiness

Cultivating Resilience & Inner Peace


Phenomenal Happiness

Harnessing Mind & Energy


Inner Happiness

Overcoming Negativity for Lasting Joy


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